My worst moment as a therapist ....

Here's a short video about my worst moment as a therapist.


I made a lot of mistakes to get myself into that situation.


The worst mistake? Assuming I already knew everything I needed to work with serious trauma.


I learned the hard way: A hammer is a great tool ... unless you use it on glass.

Working with trauma requires kid gloves.


Even if you know a lot about it--just like I did ....


There's really no substitute for practical training.


Clients who need us most often don't get their unique needs met.


Which is to say ... we don't always understand how to support them.

But you don't have to make the same mistakes I did.

When I first started working with energy psychology, I didn't have access to the kind of training I needed.


Back then, we knew a lot about trauma.


But no one was teaching us how to work with it in practice, with actual clients.


That's why I created Integrating Tapping Into Clinical Care.


So you can avoid the mistakes I made.

I put 30 years of experience into this 4-week course.

I designed this course for you: A healing professional.


I've included the tools you need to effectively release clients' trauma.


You'll also have access to videos of actual sessions with severely traumatized clients. This work radically changed their lives.


I teach you so much more than just tapping--though this simple tool is an excellent starting place.

Watch me work. LIVE, with REAL CLIENTS. Then ask me your questions.

With the course, you'll have access to our 4 live teaching modules indefinitely. We record these.


You'll ALSO have 4 chances to watch me work with actual clients.


Afterwards, question me about why and how I handled any particular client.

Also learn about how to work with groups online--and grow your business.

Since the pandemic started, I have been hosting a weekly online group.


At this point, I regularly work with people from around the globe. 50-60 individuals attend every week.


By now, a large portion of my clients come from this group.


Learn how I work with energy psychology tools in this format. Then use it yourself.


  • How to integrate energy psychology into a four-stage mode of treatment
  • A simple way to explain trauma and the brain to your clients
  • How to safely use energy psychology with severely traumatized dissociative clients
  • How to use tapping to help clients with anxiety, stress, anger, grief, guilt, addictive urges, and negative beliefs
  • How to work with groups online

Starts Thursday, July 8.

Runs for 4 weeks, through August 3.

Join live for 4 Thursdays, 2-3:30 EDT. OR watch the program recordings at your convenience:

  • July 8
  • July 15
  • July 22
  • July 29

BONUS: Join me live for 4 Tuesdays, 2-3:30 EDT. Watch me work from 2-3, then stay on for an exclusive Q&A (only for members of this program). Note, these sessions are not recorded.

  • July 13
  • July 20
  • July 27
  • August 3

"Mary continues to be one of our top-rated presenters, even after 18 years of speaking at our yearly conference to return participants. We wouldn’t think of doing a conference without her.”




~Mandi Freger, Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology


Integrating Tapping Into Clinical Care

Make a world of difference in your clients' lives.


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